Professions of the Future

The theme is “Professions of the Future”, which is designed to create a universal platform for speakers from all over the world to share big ideas that will improve and innovate our future jobs – from business and infrastructure to art and work-life balance, from science and technology to entertainment and design, from innovation and robotics to qualitative breakthroughs within social interactions.

The main question that our audience is waiting for an answer on will be “What is it that we should do now to overcome the shortage of jobs due to automation in the future?”
TEDxLugano is accepting speakers applications from all over the world on a first come / first serve basis, starting with a short draft of the idea worth spreading outlined with bullet points of arguments to our email address speakers@tedxlugano.com or on the contact page.


LAC – Lugano Arte e Cultura
Piazza Bernardino Luini 6
6900 Lugano



September 9, 2017

11:00 Participant Registration
12:00 First session
14:00 Lunch Break
15:00 Second session
18:00 End
The program may be subject to change


Han Sessions

Live Artist

Strongly influenced by the graphics world, Han’s work exploits the use of multiple disciplines and techniques to represent distant places and the people living there.
His collages are windows on surreal worlds in which the human element is often disguised by starving skies, wallpaper, and impossible animals.
Women of all ages, with long bodies and suggested forms, animate his paintings, which are suspended between the realism of the collage and the abstraction of the geometric shapes of the background. With the help of material found in the furthest corners of the world, Han’s work is heterogeneous and proliferating.
Born in Switzerland, Han works with multimedia formats for websites, music events and the Fine Arts.

Han Sessions in action on Backstage

Gionata Zanetta a.k.a. GIONATA

Gionata Zanetta a.k.a. GIONATA is an swiss musician, film director, author and developer artist.

Languimage is the first software that translates words into images, and was invented by Gionata.
The process involves entering a written or spoken sentence into the software, which uses the words given to search for and return with images that represent the message. These image are presented in succession, and all together they form a video.
The result is unexpected and surprising: poetical, sometimes ironic or crude; it is a reading of the reality we’re living in nowadays.
The same sentence, translated in different places or moments, will give different outputs. Gionata will be playing and singing live, with a drummer and vibraphonist and a saxophone player and keyboardist. They will be performing a song about the future, “Space Oddity”
by David Bowie, with a simultaneous translation on the screen.

Words are important
Words trigger images
Not only in our minds
But also in the mind of search engine
Through Languimage we can read the mind of a search engine when he listens to a song