Future Wealth

The wealth we create in the future stems from the seeds we plant today that allow us to reap the fruits of tomorrow.


Franklin University Switzerland
Via Ponte Tresa 29, Sorengo
6900 Lugano



12:30 Participant Registration
13:30 First session
15:30 Break
16:15 Second session
17:45 Social & aperitivo
The program may be subject to change


Nicola Tallone and Dj Soul Rider

Cellist – DJ

Nicola is a cellist holding a Master of Arts from the Conservatory in Lugano. Soul Rider is a DJ particularly passionate about jazz, soul, funk and electronic music.

Joel Sharbaugh


Joel Sharbaugh is a classical guitarist from Bowie, Maryland. Since completing his BA in Performance in 2012 at the Schwob School of Music with Andrew Zohn he has been studying at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana in Lugano.

Johnson’s horn class

Music ensemble

A Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music in London, David Johnson is Professor of horn at the Conservatorio of Lugano. Thanks to David’s teaching and support, many of his former students hold prestigious positions within important orchestras.

Disposal of Rubble


A production by and featuring Zeno Gabaglio and Gudrun De Chirico

Rubble as a moment of transition, when the future has yet to happen, but the past has not been yet assimilated. The wellbeing of the future somehow depends on our capability of going through this phase, this transitional moment par excellence.
Within mankind’s most recent history, two macroscopic moments, on one hand the fall of the Berlin Wall, whose rubble were bringing freedom and opening to the future; on the other, the fall of the Twin Towers in New York, those rubble conversely symbolizing closure and fear for the future. It is the generations who lived through or after these moments who, one way or the other, had to deal with the rubble of these two falls.
The primary action is that of clearing the rubble, for the future is a building not yet erected, but yet to build: in order to finally build it, we have to find a space among the rubble. That is the space of a necessary hope.

Mattia Martelli

Our Twitter wall artist

Mattia Martelli was born in Lugano in 1981. Born deaf, Martelli found a means of communication through drawing, developing his artistic abilities since childhood.
After completing high school and practicing art in Como, he was accepted to study at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan in 2002. While attending art school, he was able to refine his skills as an illustrator and painter under the direction of his teachers Dina Moretti and Marcel Rossetti. The following year, Mattia moved on to study Industrial Design at European Institute of Design in Milan. He graduated in 2010 from the School of Applied Arts in Lugano (SSSAA) with a degree in Technical Industrial Design.